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Adani Group Intends To Spend More Than $150 Billion To Generate Revenue Of $1 Trillion In Valuation

Gautam Adani Planning to Invest their 150 Billion Us Dollars in the popular sector like Green Energy, Data-centric, Airports, healthcare, and many more. 

He is very close to achieving his dream to become the richest man in the world. He has to earn $1 Trillion Dollars and boom he’ll the richest man in the world. 

On the 10th of October, the chief financial officer of the Adani group Mr. Jugeshinder ‘Robbie’ Singh shows their companies statistics Plan in which Adani Group is intending to invest in rapidly growing industries such as airports, roads, power, renewable energy, power transmission, gas distribution, and FMCG and more recently into data centers, airports, petrochemicals, cement, and media

According to the Exim Trade Data,  He stated that over the next five to ten years, the Adani group is aiming to invest between $50 to $70 billion in the green hydrogen industry and another $23 billion in green energy. 

It will spend USD 7 billion on the transmission of power, USD 12 billion on transportation utilities, and USD 5 billion on the road network.

According to Mr. Singh, the Adani Group has started developing its infrastructure and logistics portfolio so that it may surpass other major players outside of India and become one of the leading company throughout the world.

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