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Brazil’s major import trading partners and statistics

Exim trade data is one of the major import-export services & solutions providers for marketing companies across the globe. The given data on Brazil is based on Brazil import data, sourced and developed by market experts to assist various traders across the globe in their decision-making processes.

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The data that we have includes all essential details related to the global import-export business. The customized data that we offer contains details such as the Date, HS & HSN Codes, Shipping Details, Importer & Exporter Names & Addresses, Products Descriptions, Port names, Mode of Transport, Foreign Country, Origin Country, Unloading Place, Rates-Value-Weight-Quantity-Unit, etc.

What are the Major Imports of Brazil?

According to the Brazil import data, Vehicles (4.8%), Pharma Products (4.4%), Organic Chemicals (6.5%), Machinery & Equipment (12.9%), Fertilizers (5.0%), Plastics (4.5%), Miscellaneous Articles of Base Metals (3.5%), Boats, Ships & other Floating Structures (6.4%), Mineral Oils & Fuels (8.8%), and Machinery (12.4%) were some of the major imports of this country in 2020.

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According to Brazil trade statistics, in 2020 these major imported products accounted for 69.2% of the overall shipment value of Brazil.

What Is The Total Import Value of Bangladesh?

In 2019, Bangladesh was the 18th largest importer country across the globe. The total import value of Bangladesh totaled $ 50 billion in the year 2019.

Looking into Bangladesh import data year-wise;

  • In 2019 the total import value of Bangladesh was $64.86 Billion (a 0.95% increase from 2018)
  • In 2020, the total import value of Bangladesh was $60.25 Billion (a 7.1% decline from 2019)

Historical Data Of Bangladesh Imports

  • GDP: $48.28 Billion (24.75%) in 2015.
  • GDP: $47.17 Billion (21.30%) in 2016.
  • GDP: $50.61 Billion (20.27%) in 2017.
  • GDP: $64.25 Billion (23.44%) in 2018.
  • GDP: $64.86 Billion (21.44%) in 2019.
  • GDP: $60.25 Billion (18.58%) in 2020.

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