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India To Export Russian Oil To Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s government is trying to acquire cheap Russian oil and gas energy to fulfill its expanding domestic demands.

On the 5th of September, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina visited New Delhi and spoke to Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar about obtaining Russian Oil and Gas energy through India. 

On the visiting time, Bangladesh’s prime minister Sheikh Hasina said to Indian media that Bangladesh did not have the refinery to process the Russian Oil and gas energies so we are discussing the pipeline option just to export it through India.  

He further stated that the export of Russian oils and gas depends on the price. Bangladesh can negotiate with India and then take the decision accordingly. 

When both countries agree on the price of Russian Oils and gas energy set by the Indian government after refining the Russian Oil. after the discussion one main question comes how India will export Russian Oil to Bangladesh.  

India is planning to work on the project to plant a 130KM Friendship pipeline in between India and Bangladesh which fulfill Bangladesh’s energy demand through Russian Oil exported by the Indian Government.  

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