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Indian Sugar Mills Closes Four Deals Of Around $1 MT Of Sugar Export After Receiving Government Clearance

Indian Sugar mills are signing export agreements aggressively. they signed almost one MT sugar export agreement in just four days after receiving the government clearance

As per the news, they will get a higher price of sugar export in the global trade market. 

The multinational trading business dealer located in Mumbai, the financial center, stated that the sector has been waiting for the government to announce the new policy for import and export.

According to the India Import export data, the managing director of exporter MEIR Commodities India, Mr. Rahil Shaikh stated a statement that “Mills are interesting in export because they are getting a premium price of 2000 rupees to 3000 rupees in the international market. 

In 2021–2022, India’s sugar exports accomplish a record high of more than the expected of around 11 million tonnes, however, the majority of them came from mills in the neighboring states of Karnataka and Maharashtra in the west.

Uttar Pradesh, the nation’s second-largest producer of sugar, is also interested in exports this year due to the higher prices of sugar in the global market. 

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