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Indian Tea Exports To Russia Increased By 5% In The Current Fiscal Year

The Srilankan Economic Crisis and the invasion held between Russia & Ukraine creates a critical situation that increase the demand for tea in the Russian market. 

To fulfill the demand Russia starts importing Indian Tea goods, and that’s how Russia becomes a huge market for India’s tea exports.

There is also a second reason that the cost of Kenyan Tea is much costlier than Indian Tea, that’s why they prefer Indian Tea.

According to the India Import Export Data report, In the last eight months, India overcomes the Tea Import gap in Russia, and the Indian Tea export sector is booming and seeing huge growth of around 5% approximately.  

In line with the country’s expanding teabag culture, Russia, which prefers orthodox tea, is now buying common-type CTC teas.

As per the statement of Mr. Mohit Agarwal the director of Asian Tea Management, Currently, Russia is purchasing tea from South India which contains less price as compared to Assamese Tea. Consequently, the realization of unit price has decreased.

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