Live Customs Animal Import-Export Hs Code Data, India’s

Livestock and livestock products are imported as luggage and cargo via airports, seaports, rail routes, land routes, and international container depots. Customs has forwarded the consignments for Animal Quarantine Clearance in accordance with the Government of India’s import quarantine health standards. Before authorizing entrance into India, the consignments are reviewed, together with the accompanying health certificates and other necessary documentation, and risk analysis is performed.

Exim provides authorized and accurate live animal import-export hs code data that help you identify the correct hs code for your live animal imports and exports.

If the consignment fails to meet the Government of India’s health protocol, suitable action is taken in the national interest, according to the guidelines. Imported livestock is quarantined for observation and testing in accordance with the health policy. In addition, the items are verified and tested in accordance with the Government of India’s health regulations.

Live animal import-export hs code data covers all the major fields related to the import and export of livestock of animals and ensures your trade doesn’t breach any rules and regulations implemented by the authoritative government.

India’s Fish Oil Import Export Data

Bill of entry date, HS code, Date of shipping, Goods description, Indian Export Port name, value, and amount of product are all included in the Indian fish Oil import-export data. You can examine the data and create an analysis report that includes details on the top exporters, buyers, and destination countries.

Exim Trade Data delivers the most up-to-date, accurate, and reliable fish oil import-export data from India. It will assist you in a variety of ways, including the generation of competitive analysis studies on fish oil exporters, ports, suppliers, and importers. More than 190 Indian export ports (sea, air, ICDs, and SEZ ports) are used to source and gather fish oil import-export data.

Meat & Edible Meat HS Code Data

In 2021, India’s imports of meat and edible meat offal grew to 1.11 USD million, up from 0.36 USD million in 2020. From 1996 to 2021, imports of Meat & Edible Meat Offal in India averaged 1.09 USD Million, with a peak of 4.65 USD Million in 2017 and a low of 0.01 USD Million in 1998.

Find out the correct and authorized Meat And Edible Meat Hs Code Data through Exim’s customized and user-friendly harmonized directory of the global import-export trade data.

India Meat and Edible Meat Imports by Country

Country NameValue in INR BillionYear
United Arab EmiratesRs 366.362021-Dec
United StatesRs 300.732021-Dec
ChinaRs 648.182021-Dec
Saudi ArabiaRs 269.472021-Dec
IraqRs 244.032021-Dec
Hong KongRs 132.532021-Dec
SingaporeRs 158.892021-Dec
AustraliaRs 121.262021-Dec
SwitzerlandRs 139.942021-Dec
IndonesiaRs 119.592021-Dec
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