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Significant Chinese Imports Are Used To Complete The Demand Of Growing Industries

This Thursday, the government of India officially announced that the primary imported commodities from china such as electronic components, computer hardware, and chemicals are completing the demand of fast-growing industries such as telecom and power in India. 

The government of India said that we are importing Chinese goods in raw form and covert that raw form into well-finished goods that are exported throughout the world. 

As per the latest report of Exim Trade data, China’s export value climbed somewhat previous fiscal year, from USD 21.18 billion to USD 21.25 billion, but imports increased significantly, from USD 65.21 billion to USD 94.16 billion.

Data from the commerce ministry showed that the trade gap between India & China increased from USD 44 billion in the previous fiscal year to USD 72.91 billion in 2021–22.

If we talk about the current year so from January to September, the total bilateral trade value between China and India increased by 14.6%. 

Enough for now, for more information stay tuned with the latest news.  

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