Latest Updates On Tanzania Import And Export Based On Tanzania Import-Export Data

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Top Products Tanzania Deals In

As per Tanzania export data, fish, cereals, tobacco & manufactured substitutes, precious metals & gems, copper, fruits & nuts, spices, tea & coffee, vegetables, oilseeds, ash, slag & ores were the top products Tanzania exported the most in 2020.

ProductsValue in USD ($)Share in %Year
Fish$152.4 Million2.9%2020
Cereals$157.1 Million3%2020
Tobacco & manufactured substitutes$201.4 Million3.9%2020
Spices, tea & coffee$210.6 Million4%2020
Vegetables$219.8 Million4.2%2020
Oilseeds$262.8 Million5%2020
Fruits & nuts$416.5 Million8%2020
Copper$476.3 Million9.1%2020
Precious metals & gems$1.7 Billion32.6%2020
Ores, slag & ash$416.9 Million8%2020

Tanzania Trade Statistics

YearTotal Imports Total Exports 
2017$9.12 BillionDown by 3.95% from 2016$8.07 BillionDown by 0.8% from 2016
2018$10.21 BillionUp by 11.94% from 2017$8.40 BillionUp by 4.07% from 2017
2019$10.36 BillionUp by 1.55% from 2018$9.79 BillionUp by 16.48% from 2018
2020$9.55 BillionDown by 7.81% from 2019$8.92 BillionDown by 8.84% from 2019

Based on Tanzania import data yearwise, the total import value of Tanzania for the years 2019 and 2020 was estimated at $10.36 billion and $9.55 billion respectively with a decrease of 7.8% compared to the previous year.

Tanzania import-export statistics 2019 offers insights into the historic trade statistics of Tanzania. You can use this historic data to evaluate the overall trade strategies Tanzania uses for its global import-export trade data.

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