Tanzania Trade Intelligence: Tanzania Import And Export

Tanzania Import-Export Data is a systematic record of historic data that contains crucial information related to Tanzania import and export trade activities. The data offer complete transparency into the country’s import and export market.

Tanzania export data assists you to discover new marketplaces, identifying potential industries, finding new business partners, monitoring the performance of your services & products, tracking and evaluating the market strategies of your potential business rivals, and much more.

Exim’s market intelligence reports and in-depth research data provide 360 coverage on Tanzania trade activities. The data covers all the major fields related to Tanzania import-export trade activities such as the HS code, product description, name of importer & exporter, port name & detail, shipment & consignment detail, origin & destined country, rates, unit, weight, quantity, value in USD, etc.

Exim collects raw data from the most reliable and authorized sources of information and converts that raw data into meaningful insights that assist businesses, traders, manufacturers in their various business-related decision-making processes.

Looking into Tanzania import data year-wise

As per Tanzania import data year-wise, the total import value of Tanzania from the year 2017 to 2020 is given below.

YearValue in USD ($)Share in %
2017$9.12 Billion Down by 3.95% from 2018
2018$10.21 BillionUp by 11.94% from 2017
2019$10.36 BillionUp by 1.55% from 2018
2020$9.55 BillionDown by 7.81% from 2019

Tanzania Export data year wise

YearValue in USD ($)Share in %
2017$8.07 BillionDown by 0.8%
2018$8.40 BillionUp by 4.07%
2019$9.79  BillionUp by 16.48%
2020$8.92 BillionDown by 8.84%

In 2019, as per the availability of data, Tanzania was the world’s 75 largest economy and was the 122nd largest exporter country and the 94th largest importer country in the world.

What does Tanzania export the most? Tanzania export data 2020

Based on Tanzania Export Data 2020, the top exported products of this country are copper, ores, slag & ash, gems & precious metals, oilseeds, fruit & nuts, spices, tea & coffee, tobacco & manufactured substitutes, fish, cereals, and vegetables.

CommodityValue in USD ($)Share in %Year
Gems & precious metals$1.7 Billion32.6%2020
Copper$476.3 Million9.1%2020
Ores, slag & ash$146.9 Million8%2020
Fruits & nuts$416.5 Million8%2020
Oilseeds$262.8 Million5%2020
Vegetables$219.8 Million4.2%2020
Spices, tea & coffee$210.6 Million4%2020
Tobacco & manufactures substitutes$201.4 Million3.9%2020
Cereals$157.1 Million3%2020
Fish$152.4 Million2.9%2020

Tanzania export data is a systematic advanced tool designed and developed to provide assistance to various traders, manufacturers, companies & businesses in their various business-related decision-making processes.

Exim’s market intelligence reports help you evaluate the overall trends, flow, supply, and demand in the global trade market minimizing all the potential risks involved in trading offering you more potential business opportunities for the growth of your import-export trade business.

To know more and to get access to Exim’s huge database to gain meaningful and crucial insights into the world trade markets, you can buy Exim’s customs import-export reports as Exim provides to-notch, world-class customs global import-export trade data at affordable and reasonable prices.

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