The Import-Export sector growth with Electric vehicles

Modern technology and innovation are widely used in our daily routine. In the Global Import-Export trade data market, Everyone wants to stay up to date with current emerging trends and technology and uses new technologies to create an impactful image in the market.

As we all know that when goods thing comes to us, then definitely the bad things are coming too. If we talk about the good stuff, such as modern technology & innovation, then we must not forget about the deadliest lousy thing that happens to all of us is Covid Pandemic. 

As compared to the previous two or three years, the last year was actually good for us because we almost recovered from the world’s most dangerous pandemic and started our work again in offline mode.

In Covid-19 Time, lakhs of people lost their jobs, homes, and loved ones as the global Covid pandemic and financial crisis shattered us all from the inside out. Even the people were suffering from one-time food. The condition goes that much worse.

In this critical condition, when nations are unable to meet the requirements of their citizens, they begin exchanging their goods & services products just to fulfill their citizen’s needs. 

Still, there are many businessmen who want to invest money in trending sectors that help them to generate a huge amount of money in the longer run. 

In this article, we will discuss the Import-Export sector growth with Electric vehicles or we’ll get to know why electric vehicles are on the trend, and last but not least, we’ll let you know how many types of batteries are used to make electric vehicles. 

Eventually, after seeing the changes in the global environment because of the low use of combustion gases, then almost every government introduced new guidelines that countries start using electric vehicles & slowly but steadily stop using those vehicles that produce combustion gases.

This is all possible because of Covid-19. At that time, when everyone is at their home, transportation is completely stopped, and the combustion gas rate is reduced by 20%. It helps the environment to recover and get back to its peaceful stage.  

After the introduction of the bill, the demand for electric vehicles increased by 40%, which will make electric Vehicles the most exported product worldwide. 

Why are electric vehicles on-trend? 

There are lots of reasons available why electric vehicles are on-trend & why people are taking an interest in electric vehicles, but as of now, we just mention a few of them that play an important role in making the brand image of electric vehicles. 

  • Increased demand for fuel-efficient. 
  • High-performance. 
  • Low-emission vehicles. 
  • Increasingly strict laws and regulations on vehicle emissions. 
  •  lowering battery costs
  • Rising fuel costs

All of them contributed the most to creating the brand image of electric vehicles and increasing their growth.

How many types of batteries are available for electric vehicles. 

In today’s time, when every engineer is trying their level best to create/innovate something extraordinary so that their country will grow, and also they get the fan.

This is the reason why many scientists are making different inventions and trying to use electric batteries in different vehicles.

As of now, Scientists have invented many electric vehicles, and they use different batteries in different vehicles, so below, we describe how many types of battery is used in electric vehicles and what is their parameter. 

  1. Lithium-ion Battery – This battery is most famous throughout the world, and it is a widely used battery in the world. In terms of vehicles, this battery is mostly used in cars. I definitely know that you are familiar with this battery because the small version of this battery is used on your smartphones, laptop, and portable devices. This is mostly implemented because of its energy-to-weight ratio, which is the crucial factor in electric car batteries. The most important and bonus point of using a Lithium-ion battery is that they are recyclable batteries, and also they are good for saving the environment.

Parameters – Mass energy Density: 100-180 Wh/kg

Volume Energy density: 200-300 Wh/L

Power Density: 1000-1500 W/kg

Self-Discharge rate: 1-5% per month

  1. Hybrid Nickel-Metal (NIMH) battery – This is the second variant that is used in cars. These types of cars contain both battery power & fuel power engine. These batteries can be charged automatically without any external power supply. Their battery charging depends on the speed, braking, and wheels of the car. In comparison to Li-ion batteries, the NIMH battery has a better life cycle and is safer in use. But these batteries are so expensive and higher in self-charge rate. Also, they produce a lot of heat when the temperature is high. But don’t worry, it is common in terms of cars. These are the main factors why NIMH batteries are mostly used in the car industry. 

Parameters – Mass energy Density: 40-120 Wh/kg

Volume Energy density: 140-400 Wh/L

Power Density: 300-1000 W/kg

Self-Discharge Rate: ~30% per month

  1. Lead-Acid Battery – It is one of the types of rechargeable batteries that comes first in the market, named the SLA or lead-acid battery. In other words, we can say that it is the oldest battery that is still in use. These batteries are significantly heavier and eventually lose capacity when compared to NIMH or lithium batteries. The primary justification for its continued usage, meanwhile, is the low cost. Additionally, because they have been in use for such a long period, advances in technology have been made in battery fitting and usage, leading to superior final products. Despite this, SLA batteries are not yet utilized in consumer electric vehicles. However, some projects are in the works. This type of battery is mostly utilized as a supplemental storage system for commercial vehicles. These batteries’ ability to be recycled is another benefit.

Parameters – Mass energy Density:30-40 Wh/kg

Volume Energy density:60-75 Wh/L

Power Density:180 W/kg

Self-Discharge rate:3-20% per month

Above we mentioned the few types of batteries that are still in use, and in the car industry, they are using these batteries in a large no that will help countries to generate revenue and help them to grow. 

Conclusion – here, we are concluding the topic while addressing the statement that electric vehicles are the future of our world and every country is generating revenue in a large no. Yes, the electric vehicles business is good for the country’s growth. 

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