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Union Minister Pralhad Joshi declared that “India will stop importing thermal coal by 2024-25”

On Friday 14th Oct, The Indian Union Minister Pralhad Joshi stated that “India will stop importing thermal coal by 2024-25”. 

This is the big step taken by the Indian government just to minimize the dependency on other foreign countries for essential goods. 

Pralhad Joshi said that in the present year domestic coal production is seeing a new level of high in the country. Additionally, there are three conferences-cum-exhibitions associated with Miners & Coal held in 2022.  

He also declared that “We are working in the direction to increase mineral & Coal production inhouse and I am assuring you that by 2024-25, the substitute coal that is thermal coal import, we are going to stop it,”

In the current situation, the Mining sector is contributing of around 0.9 percent in the Indian economy. he said we are expecting its growth and predicting it will increase by 2.5 percent by 2030. 

As per the market intelligence report of Exim Trade Data, in the current year, coal mining is expected to reach 900 tonnes  which will increase in the upcoming year because the government allotted 47 new commercial blocks of coal mining. 

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